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Did you know that during the spring of 2007 the Federal Trade Commission made a new ruling concering services provided by real estate companies in Michigan? You now have choices as to how you want to sell your home! You can choose to sell your home without paying high commissions . Federal
Trade Commission Ruling

Your home for sale can now be listed on www.Realtor.com and The Michigan Multiple Listing service for a Flat Fee .We will also put your listing on the websites below. Click on logos below to visit websites where your home will be listed.


www.home-alert.net ww.homebuyerandsellertips.com www.48091.com www.homelistingsbyowner.com www.homes-48021.com www.48397.com
www.homes-48042.com www.homes-armada.com www.48092.com
www.homes-centerline.com www.homes-chesterfield.com www.48005.com
www.homes-clintontwp.com www.homes-eastpointe.com www.48015.com www.homes-macomb.com www.homes-macombcounty.com www.48021.com
www.homes-macombcounty.net www.homes-michigan.net www.48026.com
www.homes-multi-list.com www.homes-multilist.com www.homes-rent.com
www.homes-roseville.com www.homes-shelbytwp.com www.48035.com www.homes-sterlingheights.com www.homes-utica.com www.48036.com www.homes-warren.com www.homes48021.com www.homesgiant.com
www.homesinmacombcounty.net www.homesinmacombtwp.com
www.homesinnewbaltimore.com www.homesinstclairshores.com
www.homeslideshow.net www.homesmacombcounty.com www.48038.com
www.homesmacombcounty.net www.homesmultilist.com www.48042.com www.homesmultilist.net www.hometours-macombcounty.com
www.homewarranty-byowner.com www.house-photos.net www.house-tour.net
www.howsyourcredit.net www.48044.com www.48045.com www.48046.com
www.48047.com www.48048.com www.48050.com www.48051.com www.48054.com www.48055.com www.48062.com www.48063.com www.48064.com www.48065.com www.48066.com www.48081.com www.48082.com www.48088.com www.48089.com www.48090.com
www.48093.com www.48094.com www.48310.com www.48311.com
www.48312.com www.48313.com www.48314.com www.48315.com
www.48316.com www.48317.com www.48318.com

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